Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Almost There

One semester down, one more to go! It's crazy to see how fast senior year has gone. I've submitted four college applications, and should submit the last two sometime this week. A lot of my friends have started to get accepted into colleges which is really exciting for them! but it adds to my anxiety because I won't hear back from most places until April. I spend too much time thinking about the future, and I really trying to be more in the present and cherish the last few months of high school. I feel like I've grown up so much in the past few months. 

Aside from college, there's another big change that's happening in a few months... we're moving! My parents decided that now would be a good time to upgrade and move into a house that better suits their needs, and come next april/may we'll be packing up the house we've lived in for the past 15 years and be moving into a shiny, new home. I'm incredibly excited and so proud of my parents and I think I spend way too much time thinking about how I want to decorate my room, which I'll only be in for a few months before I go off to college. I have a lot of clutter in my room, and I'm constantly thinking of ways to minimize and downsize. 

There hasn't been too many outfit posts on the blog lately, and the main reason for that is because I kinda sorta really dislike most of the clothes in my closet. Ideally, I would cycle between the same five outfits everyday because I've learned to accept that I like what I like, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It may be all the minimalist blogs I've been reading, or the fact that my closet in the new house is significantly smaller that what I'm used to (downsizing from having a walk-in closet all my life to having a normal wall closet, pray for me, y'all), but I have a sudden urge to purge at least half of my closet. I'm thinking about using something like poshmark (or something similar, suggestions?)  to sell all the nicer, gently used items I own. I have my eye on a few pieces from everlane, and I figure that what ever I make from selling off clothes can be funneled into a wardrobe fund to purchase some nice quality items that I can wear everyday. 

I always seem to neglect my blog when December rolls around, maybe I'll do a little post with blogs I've been loving, or some posts that have caught my eye?

Monday, December 8, 2014


This season I've been loving dark colors paired with other dark colors. Black on black, navy on black, burgundy on navy, burgundy on black, this list goes on and on. I think darker colors feel more cozy, and work well with the fall and winter months, even if these pictures were taken on a beautiful 67 degree day.
Top, Skirt, Shoes, and Bag: H&M >> Watch: c/o Urban Peach >> Necklace: Forever 21 >> Sunglasses: J.Crew Factory

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Wanna know what the best thing I ever ate was? Head on over to Langford Market to see my answer! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Wishlist

December is here and christmas is on the way! Now is the time when family members start asking me what I want for christmas, and although I'm more of a gift card receiving gal, I did find a few things that piqued my interest and would look great under the our christmas tree ;)

I've had the same sequined wallet from Icing for about five years now, and I think I'm in need of a nicer, more classic upgrade.

I've been on the hunt for a nice perfume and I heard about this brand from Victoria. The packaging is what really got me, and their scent descriptions sound like exactly what I need. I'm leaning towards their scent in Gold or Tea. The beauty about their products is that you can try out their sample pack before purchasing a full or travel sized bottle, plus they're having a sale today! (note to self: make sure dad reads this post).

I love making lists and jotting things down and this notebook not only serves a function, but looks super cute while doing so. 

Pretty packaging, lovely scent, handmade in Brooklyn. This is basically a no-brainer. Also, I have some pyromaniac tendencies so candles are always fun to have. 

I couldn't find the exact pair online anymore, but I wear the suede ankle boots I bought on amazon a lot and I think it's time that I invest in a nice leather pair that will hold up over the years.

I'm a sucker for anything with gold leafing and I think that this would look good in my new room and be the perfect place to hold my rings and everyday earrings. 

Believe it or not, but I don't own a black cross body. I love and adore the fuchsia cross body bag that I have, but it obviously isn't very practical. When it comes to bags, I'm not picky at all. If it's black and has gold hardware then I'll probably like it!

Y'all know that I have a thing for shiny, statement necklaces, and after my favorite one broke last week, I think this one would be a pretty replacement. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: 8 Etsy Shops

Holiday season is in full swing and that means that everyone is rushing to get gifts for everyone on their lists. I'm actually the worst gift-giver in history; I almost never know what to buy for other people. Many people turn towards prepackaged gift sets that they see in stores, but I compiled 8 etsy shops that work for almost anyone of your list. Not only are you supporting small businesses, but I'm sure that those on the receiving end will love a gift that's more unique!

Monday, November 24, 2014

My Weekend | National League of Cities

National League of Cities conference was this past weekend, and 'd have to say that it was one of the best weekends I've had in awhile. Some of you might know that I'm apart of the Austin Youth Council, and this weekend we got to meet and interact with other youth councils from all over the nation. I can now say that I have friends in places like California, Idaho, and North Carolina. 

Even though I was a "child guest" (somehow everyone in our council got this on our name badges. *side eye*), I had an awesome time talking about issues and solutions with other people, and getting closer as a council in general. We had some social events over the weekend and we all went bowling/roller skating, got to see a *slightly* advanced screening of Mockingjay, and go on a duck boat tour around the city. I made plenty of new friends. 

I was totally freaking out before the conference because I'm generally not good in social situations, and my quietness and anxiety often get the best of me, but some of us decided to go get lunch once everything was over, and after some interesting events, (e.g. getting yelled at at a pizza place, fitting 11 people in one van, Aleah falling onto the sidewalk), I can easily say that I made plenty of new friends. The only thing that could have made this weekend better would be if I didn't have to wear our  AYC polo the entire time. Making a baggy polo look cute is not easy, folks.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Favorite Albums for Winter

Considering the sudden drop in temperatures that happened recently, I think it's safe to say that winter is officially here. While I'm a total wimp when it comes to the cold, I love this time of year because it means that I get to curl up in bed, drink peppermint hot chocolate, and listen to some of my favorite albums! I put together a playlist filled with some of my favorite tracks from each album. Let me which one is your favorite, and what other albums you'll e listening to this winter!