Wish I Was Wearing with OpenTable

Summer is in full swing and the blog is back in action! Just a few weeks ago, an awesome company by the name of OpenTable reached out to me to put together an outfit I would wear out to dinner. "From helping restaurants grow and run their businesses, to enabling diners to discover and book the perfect table every time they dine, [OpenTable's] story is one of connection—among diners, restaurants, and their communities." I'm lucky to live in a city filled with amazing dining options, but when someone asks me "where do you want to go eat?" I freeze up and choose one of my trusted restaurants like Maggiano's (which has delicious ravioli btw). OpenTable helps expose you to new restaurants and allows you to make a reservation for free which is great if you want to try something new or even if your visiting a new city and need some recommendations. With graduation, family in town, birthdays, and friends departing for college, I can already foresee a lot of lunch and dinner dates in the near future! 

I recently picked up this dress (only $20 at Zara!) and denim jacket, and I already know that they're gonna get a lot of wear time this summer. The dress can easily be dressed up or down and the denim jacket is perfect for restaurants that crank up the AC in the summer time. With a geometric necklace, tribal clutch, and d'Orsay flats (or heels for something fancier) this outfit strikes the perfect balance between comfortable and put together! 

I'm so glad to finally be back to blogging! Lookout for some new content in the upcoming weeks!

grad dresses

one // two // three // four // five // six 
Graduation is getting scary close and I have yet to decide what to wear! I figured that a dress would probably be most appropriate for celebrating this milestone in my life, so I found six dresses that would work whether you're the one graduating or just celebrating someone else's graduation! I love the striped dress because it has stripes, duh, but it also has pockets which is always a welcome bonus. The blush pink dress is so dainty and feminine, but I'm not sure if blush is really my color. I'd bet it would look great on someone with a more girly style, though! I became infatuated with this simple black dress with stripes on side from Madewell after I saw it on Kimi because I love anything she wears, but I'm not sure if I'd want to spend that much on a dress since I'm not much of a dress person? If I'm being realistic, I'll probably end up wearing a dress I already have since it's gonna be covered by my graduation robe anyways, but you gotta admit that these are some pretty cute dresses fit for any occasion!

adventure time

Oh hello there! Long time no talk?

I'd be lying if I said that I haven't been feeling a bit burned out and overwhelmed lately, but I mean, I basically feel like that all the time. With AP tests coming up, scholarship deadlines, a yearbook deadline (I stayed at school until midnight just to finish making the last yearbook of my high school career #dedication), and just school in general, the blog has been on a bit of a hiatus (again).

A few weeks ago, my brother graciously let me tagalong on a shoot he was doing, which led us on a downtown adventure searching for urban alleyways and cool streets to take pictures. It was only for a few hours, and the weather was ridiculously humid, but being able to have those few hours and spend it with some cool people doing something I really love, was exactly what I needed.

I can't do everything.

It's impossible, I can do everything on my to-do list or do everything I aspire to do. It's not good for my mental, emotional, or physical health. These past few weeks I have been running around like a headless chicken, getting into and doing everything all at once without taking a moment to stop. breathe. and think.

I need to remember to ignore everything every once in a while and take a moment to get lost in something I enjoy. My responsibilities will always be there– my sanity, will not. Especially if I continue to let every aspect of my life stress me out to the max. 

I need to be okay with getting lost, and wandering around. I need to explore every nook and cranny or my neighborhood and city. I need to eat a absolutely delicious and incredibly unhealthy donut for dinner. I need to tell myself that everything is gonna be okay, because once I have a change to rest, and to relax, I can be the best me that I can be. 

And that's always more than enough.

Tell Me Something Good // March

I am 110% convinced that March didn't even happen. I was going through my phone to find pictures for this post and I seriously forgot what all went down in the past month.
Went to a send-off party for a friend who is going into the Air Force. Her send-off party somehow turned into a white converse convention as well.
You can read all about my D.C adventures here! I saw this picture on my phone and was like "OH YEAH. I SAW THE PRESIDENT."
Went to the last Texas Style Council conference. You can read my little recap over here
They're making some major progress on the house! So excited for it to be done in a few months.
Senior prom happened. I'll hopefully have some more pictures in the next week or two. (p.s. how amazing is my dress from lulu's? *insert heart eyes emoji*)
oh, and this happened. Not 100% sure if I can actually make my dreams a reality (because student loans are evil and nyu is $$$$$$), but considering that I didn't think I would even get in, this was a monumental accomplishment and I am so incredibly proud of myself and completely blessed for everything and everyone who got me here. 

TxSC '15

What a weekend.

The last and final Texas Style Council was very different and incredibly special in comparison to the previous conference. As a volunteer, the week was filled with plenty of sweat, mud, labor, and exhaustion, but it was also filled with overwhelming amounts of love, support, inspiration, knowledge, and sisterhood. 

Even four days later I'm still exhausted, and can barely put together the words to make this post, but I can say this: I did not go to TxSC to learn how to gain followers, or how to monetize my blog and work with big companies making big money. In fact, I feel confident saying that no one came to CAMP with that in mind, I went to CAMP seeking a community, and a community is exactly what I got. 

This weekend I connected with some wonderful, amazing, and empowering women. For one of our camp activities, we made two rows of people facing each other and all took turns walking down the line and having words of encouragement whispered into our ears.  and let me tell you, plentyyyy of tears were shed. Bloggers are a magical, extraordinary group of people and people you've know for a while, people you just met, and people who don't even know your name whisper words of encouragement in you ear like "strong", "unconquerable", or "badass" in your ear is a testament to how wonderful this community is. 

To be able to talk about what your passionate about and have others relate to you is a beautiful thing. TxSC reminded me why I started blogging almost 4 years ago and although I left the campgrounds with sore muscles, random scratches, and muddy shoes, I also left with a sense of empowerment, and a whole gang of blogger sisters. 

To sum up the weekend and my general views on blogging: "I'm not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it. " And I hope we all continue to be beautiful, strong, unconquerable, badass women.

Senior Status

Y'all, I graduate high school two months from now.


Seriously, everything is happening way too fast. TxSC CAMP is happening this week (let me know if you're going!) and that will be consuming most of my time this week. Also, this weekend I get to finally know if I got into Boston University or not, and then I go back to school, prom happens right when we get back, and after that I have to start prepping for AP tests, choosing a college to spend the next four years and a crap ton of money on, and before you know it i'll be signing yearbooks, hugging teachers,  and getting ready to walk that stage. I feel like a broken record because I've definitely dwelled on the fact that I have a lot to do in the next few months, and that time will fly by, but I seriously cannot stop freaking out. 

I am beyond excited for college, I'm excited to move to a new city, to have new friends, to have a change in routine, to be able to wear whatever I want (goodbye school uniform!), but that also comes with a lot of scary things and all my worries and throwing me in a tizzy. What if I end up hating the school I choose? What if I can find my way to class, or my roommate hates me, or I can't adjust to the work load, or I miss my parents too much, or I can't make any friends? I'm a total planner, I like knowing what I'm doing, when I'm doing it, who's gonna be there, and everything I need so I can feel prepared and never be caught off guard. I have been wanting to go to college on the east coast for three years now and I have spent hours just making lists and thinking of everything and anything relating to moving to nyc or boston. If you look at any of my journals, you'll find at least 5 lists of what I need to build a solid winter wardrobe for college, and for each list you'll find, there's at least 3 more lists that I've ripped out from my notebook. 

The unfortunate thing (or maybe the wonderful thing?) about life is that nothing goes as planned, and even after hours and hours spent worrying and perfecting all the tiniest of details, something will change, something will come up that will alter everything, and there is nothing I can do to stop that. So as high school comes to an end, I really gotta focus on dealing with the situation I'm in and stop obsessing over the future. Just gotta drink some iced tea, and go with whatever path life takes me because #yolo.

oh, and my brother took these awesome senior pictures, and I may have stepped in an ant pile and got bites all over my foot but it was totally worth it because my brother made me look like a semi decent human being, thanks bro.

Shirt: J.Crew Factory // Jeans: Cotton On // Shoes: H&M // Necklace: Macy's // Sunglasses: J.Crew Factory

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