Why must laying sweaters over button downs be so hard? This is one of my favorite looks, but I usually give up because I can never get everything to lay down properly. I've come to realize that my sweater collection is pathetic, and sweater are definitely on my list of items to buy this year. I feel like this is one of my most put together outfits to date. I usually dress pretty simply, but I pulled out all the stops for this one. I basically feel like Kendi Everyday, and that's a really good feeling.

I took these pictures Super Bowl Sunday when it was freezing outside, and a "behind the scenes" post will be up tomorrow!


  1. You're the cutest!! I'm loving the sweater over the button down. You're right, it can be tricky to make it work, but you've definitely pulled off the look! Lovely!!

  2. aww, thanks! We can be J.Crew and Chipotle buddies!